This is a sample of the activities and workshops that NRJ has done recently in API faith communities and at LGBTQ conferences.

We would be happy to work with you to create a workshop tailored to fit your community. Contact susannah [at] to schedule an education session in your community.

In God's House: Asian American Lesbian and Gay Families in the Church

In this workshop, participants view a short documentary and learn about the tensions between institutionalized religion's notions of sexual norms, contemporary expressions of sexuality, and Asian American cultural dynamics. Participants will walk away with fresh views of the intersections of faith, race, and sexuality.

Asian Pacific Islander LGBTQ People of Faith Storytelling Panel

How can you be gay and Christian? Is is a struggle to be Asian and gay? In this workshop, NRJ staff and members share their experiences, struggles, and joys living as API LGBTQ Christians, parents, and allies. Speakers of various API ethnic backgrounds and language abilities are available.

LGBTQ Terminology 101

For a long time, the topics of sex and sexuality have been taboo topics in many API churches and families. As a result, there is a culture of silence around sex and sexuality in many API churches and families. Many people in our churches don't want to offend LGBTQ people, but don't know what words to use. This workshop introduces participants to basic terms and definitions used in the LGBTQ community. Through an interactive activity, participants understand how they fit into the amazing diversity of biological sex, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions in God's creation.

Step Up, Step Back

This interactive simulation raises participants' awareness of real-life challenges and barriers that LGBTQ people face every day in our churches and world at large.

Building an Inclusive Asian Pacific Islander Church

Many API churches are concerned that raising LGBTQ issues will be controversial and divisive in their church. This presentation walks participants through the 11-step process recommended for a church to become fully inclusive and affirming of LGBTQ people. Participants will learn to begin by assessing where the congregation is and determining the appropriate pace for the process; then move onto framing the process in a way that makes the most sense for their congregation and addressing everyone's concerns in a graceful manner. Finally, we will discuss how to vote and write a statement to declare your church an LGBTQ-inclusive community. Participants will walk away with well-researched best practices and a toolkit to set their congregations up for success.

Responding to "the Clobber Passages"

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? This workshop delves into the historical context in which the passages typically used against LGBTQ people were written and equips participants with a deeper understanding of what the Bible does and does not say about LGBTQ issues.